The sometimes dreaded About Page! As a blogger, you spend a lot of time writing about various topics, but it can be total writer’s block when it comes to writing about yourself. Your About Page is a crucial element of your site. It’s where your readers, potential brand sponsorship, and others go to find out who is behind the beautiful blog. Make sure your About Page really reflects you and your passions. Here are some of our top tips for writing the perfect About Page:

pdxbloggers Tips:

The Questions

Who are you?
What is your blog about?
What sets you apart?
Why you started your blog?

These are the types of questions that every About page should answer. Take a minute or two to examine your blogging journey and don’t think twice about opening up with your readers!

Offer Further Insights

An FAQ list is a great idea to help give your readers more insights in a quick and more creative way! Include silly things like: your favorite pizza topping, your pet’s name, where you were born, your favorite cocktail etc. 

Connect With Them

It’s important to connect with your readers on all levels! Don’t forget that you always want to keep them in the loop so show them the ways they can connect with you and get instant updates (i.e. list all of your social media profiles)!

Picture Perfect

It’s true, your words will tell your story, but a picture will help your readers associate a face with what they read. A crisp, large and professional looking picture can make a huge difference and can go a long way!

Don’t forget to update your About page as things change. Readers will check back to see fresh, new content. Don’t let it sit unchanged for years and not expect people and brands to notice. This page is a place for people to get to know you and let your personality truly shine.  

Need some examples? Here are some pdxbloggers who have beautiful About Pages:

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Hope you found this insightful!